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Very few companies aggressively engaged in the current construction landscape can trace their roots back to the era before the rainbow nation of South Africa was conceived. Added to that enviable heritage, 7 Sir’s can furthermore, trace its origins to a company that almost exclusively plied its trade on the Cape Flats of Cape Town. Conditions pre-1994 served as a phenomenal training ground for the great individuals who would eventually establish 7 Sir’s.

The post-1994 construction boom in South Africa saw 7 Sir’s ride the crest of the wave as a company that is able to deliver cost-efficient projects that includes individual mansions, shopping malls, residential complexes, office blocks, and low cost housing settlements, 7 Sir’s has been able to continue its growth in the face of the global recession by successfully outbidding strong competition for municipal and private tenders to deliver, inter alia, low cost houses nationally and medical clinics in the rural areas of KwaZulu Natal.

7 Sir’s is now in the process to deliver on the vision of the original founders that would see itself established as a leading construction company, not only in the Western Cape, but within the Southern African region and African continent.
More recently, the company is making a great effort to diversify from a construction company with numerous ongoing projects in that sector, to one that is seeking to establish a foothold in marine construction, mining, and energy production and supply.