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People development
At 7 Sir’s we put our staff at the forefront of our development so that we can be the future leaders in Southern Africa. The adage goes that any team is only as good as the weakest link, which motivates the management team to constantly strengthen that weak link though ongoing training and development.

Results Orientation
The promise that 7 Sir’s makes when it undertakes a project is to deliver the final product within the specified time at the cost agreed upon. For 7 Sir’s to keep to its undertaking, all staff has to deliver results along the project path. To ensure that there is local empowerment and that the communities where these opportunities are being realised benefit, job creation and skills development for the locals is promoted.

To excel at any endeavour, it is important to deliver a product of high quality and value that meets the customer’s expectations. Conform to building standards, develop communities and skills.

At 7 Sir’s the credo we live by is “the greater the dream, the greater the team”. We step up to assist any team member when required, to build a strong ethic of support, and conflict resolution. The family atmosphere that pervades the office contributes to the team culture and creates a sense of belonging for the employees.

Our conduct reflects the culture of the company. We maintain a professional level of decorum at all levels within the company, when dealing with contractors, and especially when we interface with our clients.

It is our policy to respect personal differences and values, create a culture of openness, and consider ideas without prejudice.

Continuous Improvement
The constant evolution of ideas, processes, materials and challenges to conventional thinking needs an environment that is conducive to open review of projects, constructive criticism with an effort to increase the learning curve within the company.

As circumstances change, we have to be flexible enough to modify the game plan to ensure delivery of the product, on time within cost. 7 Sir’s is big enough to take on big projects yet agile enough to turn on a dime to adapt to environmental changes.

This value permeates the entire company. It is an imperative that all staff understands and lives the ethos of quality in everything that they do.

Secure the future of 7 Sir’s Group through leadership and professional development
Enhance customer satisfaction and company performance through improved collaboration and communication.
Diversify and grow by seeking new clients and market opportunities while furthering current client relationships.
Safeguard people and be more competitive by raising safety awareness.
Develop strategic partnerships on a national and international level to ensure future growth and sustainable expansion of the group.